If you have “slam dunk” facts supporting your case, it's possible you may be able to resolve without an attorney. For example, let’s say you bought a brand new car and, within the first five months of ownership...


  • six transmission-related issues occur

  • you're constantly in for repairs at the dealer

  • your car has been out-of-service for a total of over 90 days.


In such a case, you have very strong facts to support a lemon law claim. However, most cases are not as straightforward as this example.


Also, even if your case is very strong, the manufacturer, generally a massive Goliath corporation, is rarely quick to agree with Average Joe Consumer. Without lawyers involved, manufacturers lack the financial incentive to cave to consumers—particularly for expensive goods like cars and trucks. Their seeminly endless resources can and will bury most folks who try to do it alone.


To achieve a refund or replacement for your lemon, lawsuits are necessary. But how is Average Joe Consumer supposed to afford litigation against a massive Goliath corporation? Fortunately, the lemon law provides that manufacturers must pay your attorney's fees and costs if you prevail in your lawsuit. Please go to my section, "ATTORNEY FEES AND COSTS" for a detailed explanation. 

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