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The financial burden to obtain high quality legal representation is not something most people plan for. With no money saved up, your only option is to hope and pray that the public defender appointed to your case is someone that you like, trust and is experienced and available enough to properly defend you -- right??

Wrong. Other options often exist. It is possible to hire the lawyer that YOU want even when you lack emergency savings. The popular way to do that is to secure legal financing to fund your case.


Rief Legal works with ePay Management -- a service that helps clients receive third-party legal financing from over 20 lender options. Now you can hire the law firm that YOU want with affordable low monthly payments!

With a quick online application, the ePay Management portal brings you instant access to potential financing options up to $40,000. Within a few minutes, you can complete the online application and receive an immediate loan offers. The instant application is a "soft inquiry" meaning it should not affect your credit score.


Credit scores as low as 600 may qualify. Rates range from 5.99% to 35.99% depending on a borrower's income and credit. Financing offers you the ability to avoid paying thousands of dollars upfront to fund your legal retainer agreement. For example, you can instantly receive the funding for a case stretched over a period of 60 low monthly payments. Assuming your case is not extraordinarily expensive, monthly payments will likely be $100-$200 a month. And if you are concerned whether you qualify, you can always have family or friends apply on your behalf.



If you're approved, the full loan amount is funded to you directly, which you then use to pay off the balance of your legal retainer agreement with Rief Legal within 48 hours. After that, you start making monthly payments to the lender that provided you the funds to pay for your case.

If you would like a free consultation from an attorney to better understand your legal financing options, please call 888-376-7524. 


Rief Legal is not a financial lending institution. Rief Legal contracts with ePay Management, which is a third-party vender that connects borrowers with multiple potential lenders that offer legal financing options to qualified borrowers. Rief Legal has no other function in the financing process. Rief Legal is not responsible for the application and approval process, loan origination, loan structure, collections procedures, nor for any other aspect of lender practices for any applicant. Rief Legal strongly recommends thoroughly reviewing all lender rules, guidelines, and agreements prior to entering into any business relationship with ePay Management, FlexxBuy LLC, Crowdnetic Corporation, or any lender. As is the case with any financial loan transaction, the borrower should make sure he or she understands every aspect of their financial responsibilities regarding any loan prior to entering into any loan agreement and that the loan agreement suits the individual’s personal financial situation.

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