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Jackie M. Skolnik

Literacy Specialist

Hello, I'm Jackie, and it's my mission to help your kids learn to read! I specialize in helping kids with dyslexia. I'm located in San Diego, but offer virtual Zoom lessons to anywhere in the world!

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About Jackie

Literacy Services



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To my beautiful wife...

Dear Anna,

I vividly remember the moment when you walked down the aisle. Nothing quite prepared me for profound wave of emotion that hit me. You were unbelievably radiant. The love in the room was so palpable. The whole moment was surreal. 

Here we are now. Five years later. We've accomplished so much together. Two houses. Two beautiful children. Bold career moves. The American Dream. We've laughed. We've cried. We've grown.


And now we've learned that our precious Adam might not live exactly the kind of life we envisioned for our boy. We learned that you and I, as parents and as husband and wife, may not live exactly the projected vision of our collective life dream when we said our vows to one another.

But at the core of our vows, which gripped my heart then just as strongly as it does now, we stand together as pillars of support and strength for one another. As long as we are together, then we are living the life of my dreams.

I love you. Happy 5th Anniversary!

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