My 3 Main Roles

By Ariel Rief, Esq.


At the core of what I do are three primary functions. First, I'm here to tell YOUR side of the story and show who you are as a person—and to do it in the most skillfully succinct and reasonable way.

Second, my role is to expose the weaknesses in the prosecuting DA's evidence against you. Remember you do NOT have to prove you are innocent; rather, the government has the burden alone to prove you are guilty. Arresting someone for a crime is not the same as convicting that person in court. Police only need "probable cause" to arrest. In other words, evidence that shows you're probably guilty is not enough to convict you in court; instead, the government must present sufficient credible evidence to prove each charge "beyond a reasonable doubt." Don't forget that legally speaking, you're not guilty unless you either plead guilty or a jury of 12 strangers unanimously (meaning all 12) vote that you are guilty. If JUST ONE juror has a doubt about a charge, so long that doubt is reasonable, that means you cannot be convicted of that charge.


Third and finally, even if you're convicted of something, my role is to fight against any unjustified jail time and to ADVOCATE for alternative rehabilitative solutions.


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