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The DROPJAIL Method is my practice of diligently fighting your charges while simultaneously taking steps in the pre-trial negotiation stage to persuasively show a judge and DA why you deserve jail to be dropped in the event you are convicted of anything. In other words, it's a back-up plan in case things don't go your way. Planning for the worst-case scenario is a pragmatic and strategic way to hedge your bet before trial and provides you the best chance to drop the most days of jail in your case. 

Image by Carles Rabada
Judge's Table

A skillful negotiator succinctly tells your side of the story and provides a full picture of both your case and relevant life history. By appropriately highlighting objective indicators that show a judge and DA why you pose very little risk of causing problems in the future, we improve the likelihood of a significantly reducing any punishment.

Even if you're 100% innocent, you can't simply count on the DA dismissing charges or a judge seeing a case for what it is. It's smarter to have a back-up plan.

The DROPJAIL Method also skillfully addresses the most important factors judges and DAs analyze to determine what's an appropriate amount of jail, if any, such as:

  • How serious is the case?

Was the offense sophisticated? Is there a victim? Was the victim vulnerable and how bad was the harm (physical, emotional, or financial)?

  • Do you have a prior criminal record?

How bad and recent is it? Is your criminal behavior escalating?


  • Do you accept responsibility?


Are you receptive to treatment, proactive about seeking help, and do you have positive prospects or a network of support to ensure you don't slip up? 

Ultimately, we focus on the factors that weigh the most in your favor while at the same time confidently demonstrate how you're prepared to go to trial and present a reasonable threat of winning. This dual negotiation approach requires skill and tact, but when done right, it can dramatically drop jail in your case.

Judge and Gavel
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