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I'm a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor with a Bay Area law practice focused on drug and alcohol related offenses (possession, sales, DUI, other crimes while under the influence, etc.). I represent accused defendants in cases that range from misdemeanor to murder and have extensive courtroom and jury trial experience. In all cases, I work to find the best solutions through pragmatic strategies that have proven to be the most effective with prosecutors, judges, and juries. I accept clients throughout the Bay Area, subject to availability, and have offices in San Mateo and Contra Costa counties. I also offer one-of-a-kind legal virtual consulting across California for DIY individuals considering representing themselves without a lawyer in court (known as "pro per" defendants) to save thousands of dollars. In certain cases, it can be a smart move—there are some unique advantages. But I'll be straightforward with you if I think it's a bad idea in your case, plus may be able help you find a quality lawyer in your local courthouse.



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