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Representing California 
Consumers, Tenants, and Elders

Consumers, Tenants, and Elders

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Have you been ripped off, cheated, or wronged? The law is on your side and so am I.

Schedule a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION legal consult today.

No legal fees unless we win.

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Focused on faster results.


With a trial lawyer in your corner, the other side is more willing to negotiate to avoid lengthy expensive litigation. Why? Because the other side knows they're likely responsible to pay your legal fees if they lose. So they're incentivized to act fast.

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The success of my law office is tied to the success of your case.



"Contingency fees" means your legal fees are contingent upon me first winning your case. Fees and costs are deducted out of settlements; they are not out-of-pocket.

About the Attorney


Ari Rief, Esq.




J.D., University of San Diego School of Law

B.A., History, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Former Felony Prosecutor / Criminal Defense Attorney

For over a decade, I practiced criminal law -- first as a prosecutor in multiple District Attorney's Offices and, second, as a criminal defense attorney. I was in the courtroom almost daily, negotiated hundreds of cases a year, handled murder, multi-million-dollar embezzlement, and other complex cases. I prevailed in dozens of jury trials, gaining comfort in the courtroom and in front of juries -- a skillset needed to credibly battle seasoned civil litigators and top defense firms. Because criminal law was my first legal passion, I still accept some criminal defense cases, but on a limited basis.

Experienced in Consumer & Tenants' Rights Cases

Prior to opening Rief Legal, P.C., I additionally served as trial counsel at two Plaintiff civil litigation firms: first, a consumer protection firm specializing in lemon law and automobile fraud cases; and, second, a landlord-tenant law firm specializing in tenants' rights cases (habitability defects, harassment by landlords, and wrongful or constructive eviction). 

Small Law Office Model

Larger firms generally pass cases off to associates who often lack the trial experience and courtroom credibility that you believe you're getting. Not here. I handle all the important matters myself. I also try to limit how many new cases I accept to avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure availability for you and your case.

Statewide Cases

Although I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I accept civil cases across the state. In civil litigation, most litigation (including court appearances and depositions) are handled remotely over Zoom. And if your case is outside the Bay Area and requires an in-person appearance (e.g., trials of course), I travel to your location.

Flexible Meeting Options

Meetings in-person, by phone, and by virtual platforms (e.g., Zoom) are all available to accommodate your schedule.

More About Attorney

If you are interested to learn more about me in general, such as why I became an attorney, please visit my bio page by clicking HERE.

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What Clients Say

... went well above and beyond.

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* Submitting a message or calling does NOT automatically create an attorney-client relationship.

* No solicitations, please.


Thank you for contacting my law office. To best assist and to determine whether I can help you, please take a few minutes to fill out the following form.


Also, please note: I'm a one-man operation. I keep my operating costs low, which is good for my clients, but that means that I do not have a full staff to immediately respond to messages. If I cannot immediately call or email, I will do my best to get back to you asap. I appreciate your patience. 

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Type of Case
If your case is a landlord-tenant matter, are you a landlord? (Rief Legal, P.C. only represents tenants.)
If you are a tenant in an unlawful detainer action, is your non-payment of rent based on habitability defects or unlawful practices by your landlord?
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