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Ariel (Ari) Rief is a criminal defense trial lawyer and former prosecutor representing adults accused of criminal offenses in the Bay Area. His main practice focus is working collaboratively with parents and families who seek to keep their loved ones out of the criminal justice system for good.

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Even small crimes cause big problems.

Jail, fines, a criminal record, lost jobs and housing, etc....the list goes on and on.

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Facing a criminal case is hard.

Talking to a your lawyer shouldn't be.

Meet the Lawyer

Hello, I'm Ari, the lawyer. My criminal law career began as a prosecutor at multiple District Attorney's Offices. Now, I defend hundreds of clients each year charged with the same criminal offenses I used to prosecute myself. That means I've likely defended or prosecuted the same charges you're facing and can help you.


Whatever the circumstances of your case, I'm here to learn your side of the story and bring an end to your legal troubles.


What clients say

... went well above and beyond.

Can I guarantee you 100% that I will drop jail in your case?

It's neither responsible nor professionally ethical for me (or any lawyer) to make guarantees in a case. But what I can say is that I will prioritize making the entire court process as smooth, understandable, and painless as possible for you. You'll know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. And I can also represent that my general approach to cases and negotiations—which I call my "DROPJAIL Method"—produces great results for clients every year.

Here are some recent client results (which may be slightly outdated if I haven't recently updated my site). These are examples only. They are not a guarantee of the same or similar result in your matter. Each case is unique.

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Learn more about your criminal charges. What does the DA need to prove you guilty?