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Flexible Payment Planning

Behind the gloss of every law firm is a bill. Most clients are not millionaires. They need help and unfortunately lack the luxury of not having to worry about what their lawyer's final invoice says. 


It's easy to see the appeal of local attorney listings and websites that advertise the lawyer as the "top" or "best" this or that in the state or the country. These online awards, badges, and rankings  (often from organizations you've never heard of) no doubt bring an aura of prestige.


But behind the scenes, it costs money. The fancy office, the impressive advertising campaigns, the secretarial staff—all of it—costs money. A lot of money. The higher the attorney's overhead generally means the higher that final bill is. In other words, attorneys generally pass these higher costs onto their clients. Or they take on a higher volume of cases to cover these costs, which means they spend less time on each individual client.

What's my philosophy?

My law office cuts out unnecessary costs by operating with efficiency and avoiding glitzy and expensive marketing. Yes, I do have two physical office locations because I take cases on both sides of the bay and don't want to run to a coffee shop in between court to talk to clients about sensitive matters. That's the bulk of my overhead. I also don't skimp on legal research subscriptions or membership dues in credible organizations. But in general, my philosophy and practice of cutting unnecessary spending allows me to charge very competitive rates while also taking on a lesser volume of cases in order to provide a higher quality of representation to each client I do accept.

What are my rates?

Providing a final quote for representation is a moving target. Every case is different. Each case presents unique circumstances and challenges.  

For example, which criminal charges are you facing? How serious are they? Are there 100 witnesses or just one? Does the case require extensive investigation and legal research? Is the case likely going to trial? For 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months? 

In other words, to give an accurate quote, I have to talk to you first. But you can rest assured that my quotes for representation are competitive and that I do not pass on unnecessary and avoidable law firm costs to my clients. My flat fee pricing is completely transparent with no surprises. I also offer interest-free payments to clients in need.

For a 100% FREE, no hassle consultation and quote from me directly, click here. I offer same-day phone and Zoom consultations.

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