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In the Past Month...

9/13/19 - Penal Code 647.6 (molesting or harassing a minor) REDUCED to a non-sexual simple battery (Penal Code 242) avoiding mandatory sex offender registration.

9/13/19 - DUI (Vehicle Code 23152) REDUCED to a "wet reckless" despite .12% blood alcohol level.

9/13/19 - Health & Safety Code 11350 and 11377 charges for possession of heroin and methamphetamine to be DISMISSED upon successful completion of drug education "diversion" classes.

9/13/19 - Health & Safety Code 11359 charge for possession of marijuana for sale (4 pounds and over $2,000 cash seized) negotiated for LIGHT SENTENCE -- 18 mo. unsupervised probation, $264 fine, client to do 3 days of work program.

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