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Recent Results in Drug Cases

The following are examples of some recent cases handled. They are not guarantees of results in your matter. Each case is unique. 


PC = Penal Code

HS = Health and Safety Code

VC = Vehicle Code

Possession of Rx Medication without Rx Dismissed at Trial

Client was arrested in a storage unit. In possession of dozens of prescription medications without a valid prescription (HS 11350) as well as empty plastic baggies. Client had host of medical issues and had proof of some (but not all) prescriptions. Fought case to trial and prosecution dismissed the day of trial. No jail.

Felony Cocaine sales Resolved for Probation Sentence

Client was caught with 20 bags of cocaine and a lot of cash on him in a car. He was charged with sales (HS 11378) and transportation (HS 11379). Faced three years prison, but resolved case for probation and 16 days local jail.

Paraphernalia Case Dismissed

Client was passenger in car. Police found a meth pipe in her purse (HS 11364), but she had no record and the driver did. Negotiated dismissal. No jail. No immigration consequences.

Under the Influence and Resisting Arrest Case Dismissed

Client caused a scene on a bus. He was ultimately arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance (HS 11550), but physically resisted the officers (PC 148(a)(1)). Negotiated dismissal. No jail.

Felony Sales Case Resolved for Misdemeanor

Client provided ketamine and MDMA to undercover officers at a concert. Faced prison time, but case resolved for misdemeanor possession for sale of ketamine (HS 11379.2) and local weekend work program as jail. 

Possession of Concentrated Cannabis Case Dismissed

Client in a vehicle with hash (HS 11357). His medical marijuana card ultimately led to prosecution dismissing the matter. Client was also charged with driving on a suspended license with priors and faced over $2000 in fines and jail time, but negotiated dismissal.

Possession of Cocaine Dismissed with Classes

Client was contacted by gang task force and had submitted to a search revealing cocaine in his pocket. Case dismissed with completion of drug education classes. No jail.

Under the Influence Case Dismissed with Classes

Client contacted by police while very high on controlled substances. Case dismissed with completion of drug education classes. No jail.

Possession of Meth Dismissed with Classes

Client was stopped and found to be in possession of methamphetamine (HS 11377(a)). Client to complete drug education classes for dismissal. 

Possession of Meth and Pipe Dismissed with Classes

Client was found in possession of meth and a pipe. Client to complete drug education classes for dismissal.

Note: Dozens more clients' cases have been (or will be) dismissed with completion of drug education classes. This resolution is commonly referred to drug "diversion."

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