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Recent Results in Sex Cases

The following are examples of some recent cases handled. They are not guarantees of results in your matter. Each case is unique. 


PC = Penal Code

HS = Health and Safety Code

VC = Vehicle Code

Not Guilty Verdict at Jury Trial in Indecent Exposure Case

Client accused of exposing genitals and masturbating to an officer (PC 314(1)) and faced lifetime sex offender registration. At the jury trial, despite the jury hearing about similar conduct in the past, they acquitted my client. 

Felony Statutory Rape Case Dismissed

Client, an adult, fathered two children with teen who was more than three years younger than him (PC 261.5(c)). After the preliminary hearing, the judge granted the defense's motion to reduce the case to a misdemeanor. At pretrial negotiations, the case was dismissed entirely. Client avoided prison and deportation.

Indecent Exposure Case Dismissed

Client was accused of exposing his genitals in public to a passerby. Negotiated a dismissal for insufficient evidence. No jail and client avoided lifetime sex offender registration and immigration consequences.

Sexual Battery Charges Not Filed by District Attorney

Client was accused of, and investigated for, sexual battery (PC 243.4(e)(1)). The case was referred to the DA's Office. During the investigation, I accompanied client to police station and allowed him to be questioned with me present (of course) -- a strategy that led to the charges not being pursued by the DA. 

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