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Recent Results in Theft Cases

The following are examples of some recent cases handled. They are not guarantees of results in your matter. Each case is unique. 


PC = Penal Code

HS = Health and Safety Code

VC = Vehicle Code

Felony Commercial Burglary Negotiated to Misdemeanor

Client accused of stealing over $950 of merchandise at a retail store (PC 460(b)) as a felony meaning prison was possible. Negotiated case to grand theft as a misdemeanor (PC 487) with probation. Client only faced 6 days of sheriff's work program.

Stolen Rental Car Car Case Dismissed

Client accused of renting high end vehicle and not returning it (VC 10851). He faced deportation and likely loss of job at top tech company if convicted. On the day of the jury trial, the prosecution dismissed the case for insufficient evidence. 

Judge Agrees to Dismiss Client's Petty Theft Case

Client, who suffers from MS, took items from Home Depot without paying (PC 490.2). Presented a letter from a neuropsychologist addressing how client's illness leads to extreme forgetfulness to show why she forgot to pay. The DA was not willing to dismiss. On the day of trial, with the expert witness ready to testify, the judge indicated that if client stayed out of trouble for six months, he will dismiss case. 

Petty Theft Case Dismissed

Client was caught taking various electronics from major retailer (PC 490.2). Employees were too aggressive in detaining client. Negotiated dismissal. No jail or punishment.

Embezzlement and Grand Theft Case Resolved for Petty Theft

Client, an employee at a major retailer, accused of not charging friends and family members for various merchandise at the checkout counter, an embezzlement (PC 508). Negotiated case to basic petty theft (PC 490.2) with no jail and small fine only.

Defrauding an Innkeeper (Taxi) Case Dismissed

Client took cab with friend where cabdriver started yelling at them. Client and friend then left cab without paying and were later contacted by police (PC 537(a)(1)). Negotiated civil compromise with taxi driver who agreed he no longer wanted charges. Case dismissed.

Petty Theft Case Dismissed with Community Service

Client took a clothing item from a university student store. Case resolved for dismissal with community service hours and a theft-awareness class.

Embezzlement Case Resolved Pre-Filing with Community Service

Client, an employee of a major clothing store, was caught pocketing money from customers over the course of several months. Case resolved prior to filing with completion of a theft-prevention program and community service hours.

Petty Theft Case Dismissed

Client accused of being the "lookout" for boyfriend as multiple items taken from major retailer (PC 490.2). Pushed case to trial and prosecution dismissed case a couple days before the start of trial. 

Shoplifting Case Dismissed

Client caught not paying for $400 worth of items at Home Depot. Due to delay in prosecution, the prosecution agreed to dismiss the case.

Shoplifting Case Dismissed with Community Service

Client (and a co-defendant) exited grocery store with $140 worth of items (PC 459.5). Negotiated dismissal with 20 hours of community service and a six-hour theft class. 

Petty Theft Case Dismissed 

Client fled from a taxi cab and driver did not earn fare. Negotiated a civil compromise with the cabdriver, who signed a declaration indicating he did not want prosecution and had been paid. Court dismissed case.

Petty Theft Case Dismissed with Community Service

Client took various hygiene products without paying (PC 490.2). Because of client's history, DA was initially unwilling to negotiate, but eventually resolved case for dismissal with 20 hours community service and a six-hour theft class.

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