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DISMISSED - Penal Code 647(f) Drunk in Public Dropped

Man laying drunk in the grass with bottle of vodka.
Penal Code 647(f) Drunk in Public Case DISMISSED

Client was found in a vehicle both drunk and high. But there was no evidence that he was driving. He wasn't charged with a DUI, but was charged with violating Penal Code 647(f)(Public Intoxication). Client, however, was not that intoxicated. To win at trial, really, the prosecution would need to prove just how wasted my client truly was. If someone was passed out on the street, covered in vomit or urine, sure that's a pretty good measure. But short of facts like that, these are tougher for the prosecution to prove than many people realize. Here, the prosecutor ultimately agreed with me and therefore dismissed the case entirely. So, if you find yourself charged with being drunk in public, don't be quick to admit guilt. At the very least, give me a call first (888-DROPJAIL)! I'll let you know my thoughts on your case, free of charge.


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