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REDUCED - Vehicle Code 14601.2 and 14601.5 Suspended License Charges and Jail Dropped

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Veh Code 14601.2 Suspended License Charge Dropped

Client was charged with Vehicle Code 14601.2(a)(driving on a suspended license from prior DUI) and, similarly, VC 14601.5(a)(driving while privileges suspended for failure to take a chemical test or driving with a specified blood alcohol level). VC 14601.2 cases mandate at least 10 days of jail by law. Both VC 14601.2 and 14601.5 have substantial fines (in the $2,000 range) as well as requirements to install an ignition interlock device (IID, which is a breathalyzer) in your car. Here, in negotiations, the DA agreed to drop both charges for a lesser suspended license charge. Client received no jail, no requirement to install an IID, and lesser fines.


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